As the first clinic in Vancouver to treat anorectal diseases of special traditional Chinese medicine. we modernize and standardize the theory of TCM treatment, and combine all natural ways to push Chinese medicine therapy to a new realm of Art. Our medication includes the best-selling BAZHISAN series developed by Dr.Chen Guoyi, the highly respected G.I. specialist in China. BAZHISAN is specially formulated using Dr. Chen’s receipt to conquer bloody stool, pain and itch and it’s proven to be highly effective with over 4 million patients cured and side effects.

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Our professional team is dedicated to providing the best customer orientated service backed by our decades of dignity and expertise, broad clinical experience, safe and painless treatments, to bring laughter back to thousands of families.

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Dr. Chen Guoyi, our esteemed founder, born in Luzhou, Sichuan, is the 4th-generational heir of the famous selfsame Chinese medical family. He made up his mind in his early life to dedicate himself to Chinese Medicine, to be able to “Mastering of Great Skills to Alleviate the Suffering of Patients”.

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He perfected his unique treatment method for piles and fistula called GUOYI PROTOCLOGY THERAPY; then moved to Xi’an, and founded the first “Piles and Fistula Hospital” in Hansenzhai. Word of mouth quickly made the Chen treatment known throughout the country. By 1980, he had cured tens of thousands of cases of Piles and fistulas.

Dr. Chen Guoyi reading medical notes

Subsequently, the Xi’an Government specifically encouraged the establishment of The Xian Piles and Fistula Hospital with Dr. Chen Guoyi as the president. He was later awarded an honor for “excellence” in Medical Technology and Development.
Dr. Chen Guoyi shaking hands with NA Hemorrhoids clinic patient

Titles awarded Dr. Chen Guoyi include: Director of Piles and Fistula Department of Traditional Medicine Division of Beijing Chinese Medicine University; President of Piles and Fistula Hospital in Xi’an, China (Headquarter of NAHC); Chief Physician of China Oriental Hospital; and Appointed Receiving Expert for German Tourist Group of National Ministry of Sanitary.
Dr. Chen Guoyi standing in front of original NA Hemorrhoids clinic location

The Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Guobiao Medical Center, the Medical School of University Columbia of America, the Medical School of Chinese University (Hongkong), and the Zhengwen Chinese Medical Hospital of Korea have all introduced his techniques in piles and fistula treatment; and all successfully established branch hospitals for the treatment of piles and fistula in cooperation with Dr. Chen.
Dr. Chen Guoyi standing inside the clinical research centre for Chinese medicine

Dr. Chen Guoyi also organized the Anorectal Medical Workers Training Base, mandated for scientific research in establishing pharmaceutical enterprises, as well as forming a medical network or support link for Piles- and Fistula-related diseases. In recent years, Dr. Chen has been invited to give lectures in Hongkong, Singapore, Spain, Canada and United States of America on the topic of promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine worldwide.


The first NA Hemorrhoids clinic located in Xi'an Shaanxi China

Year 1979

The first Piles and Fistula hospital located in Xi’an Shaanxi China 1979.

Year 2000

The re-building Piles and Fistula hospital was located in Xi’an Shaanxi mainland China in 2000.
The re-building of the NA Hemorrhoids clinic located in mainland China
First hybrid NA Hemorrhoids clinic in Canada

Year 2005

Dr. Chen successfully made the clinic to be the first hybrid clinic in Canada.

Year 2013 - Now

The fifth generation Alison Chen put together family’s BAZHISAN series with Contemporary Natural Therapy.
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Dr. Rick Satimaw

Dr. Rick Satimaw – licensed by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia (CNPBC), and is a member of the British Columbia Naturopathic Association (BCNA) and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Medicine (CAND).

Specialist in this Clinic:

  • Internal & External hemorrhoids
  • Bleeding or Painful hemorrhoids
  • Many years complex hemorrhoids
  • Anal itching (anal eczema)
  • Anal abscess
  • Anal fistula
  • Prolapsing tissues
  • Anus skin tagm lump


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Internal & External hemorrhoids , Fistula, Anal Eczema, Fissure, Rectocele, Anal thrombosis, Polypus, Anal Abscess


The “Ba Zhi San “protocol not only heals the acute condition, but also helps the anus-specific blood circulation to improve. Our data suggests less than a 2% chance that these problems will reoccur after the treatment. Under the terms of the guaranty, if there is reoccurrence, however rare, re-treatment will be offered if the primary disease comes back within 5 years of the initial treatment.

Additional compounds are sometimes used where the patient is in a more advanced state of illness, and there is a need to first remove infection and putrefaction before full healing can begin. The core anti-hemorrhoidal ingredients in the compound actually shut off the blood supply to the affected vein – cutting off the life-blood of the hemorrhoid, in effect – while also encouraging the body to remove water from the affected tissues.

Tested and recognized by medical experts, and approved by the Executive Health Department of the Chinese government, the unique “Ba Zhi San” protocol created by Dr. Chen can be applied as a 100% external Chinese herbal remedy for treating virtually any type of hemorrhoid.

Our “Ba Zhi San ” formula quickly stops the bleeding, and controls the pain from hemorrhoids fissure and fistula. Normally, the patients will see results during the first three days, for example: level 2-3 hemorrhoids will not emerge from the side of the anus after a bowel movement anymore, because the hemorrhoids are shrinking, and they will actually fall off in 5-7 days. If the patient is bleeding, this should stop within 3 days.

The efficacy of “Ba Zhi San,” professionally applied to cases of Fistula and/or Anal Abscess, is based on a proprietary herbal formula which cleans the area, without irritation to skin, while at the same time encouraging the body to heal. In addition, the proprietary “Ba Zhi San” formulation is re-compounded and personalized to individual patients and conditions, offering a treatment program which, in this way, is very highly customized.

Individual compounding of the “Ba Zhi San ” protocol allows rapid relief of: Fissure pain — quickly healing the fissure, and encouraging the scar tissue to fall off.Inflammation (incl., external hemorrhoids) pain — quickly controls the inflammation. Anal Abscess pain — quickly reduces inflammation while speeding up local circulation, so patients usually feel better within 20mins of the first application. Anal thrombosis pain — speeds up circulation in the area of the thrombosis, patient usually feels better the first day of the protocol.

“Ba Zhi San “is able to dissipate moisture and reduce swelling directly on the affected tissues; to encourage the growth of healthy new flesh; to reduce pain; to relieve the underlying causes of the problem; to aid the body in expelling toxins and fight infection. It treats both the root causes and outward symptoms at the same time.

The main ingredients of this “Pull Hemorrhoid Out Powder” (literal translation from the Chinese) also relieve itching and bleeding.