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Founder - Mr. Chen Guoyi

Dr. Chen Guoyi, our esteemed founder, born in Luzhou, Sichuan, is the 4th-generational heir of the famous selfsame Chinese medical family. He made up his mind in his early life to dedicate himself to Chinese Medicine, to be able to “Mastering of Great Skills to Alleviate the Suffering of Patients”

He perfected his unique treatment method for piles and fistula when he was just eighteen; then moved to Xi’an, and founded the first “Piles and Fistula Clinic” in Hansenzhai. Word of mouth quickly made the Chen treatment known throughout the country. By 1980, he had cured tens of thousands of cases of Piles and fistulas.

Subsequently, the Xi’an Government specifically encouraged the establishment of The Xian Piles and Fistula Hospital with Dr. Chen Guoyi as the president. He was later awarded an honor for “excellence” in Medical Technology and Development.

Titles awarded Dr. Chen Guoyi include: Director of Piles and Fistula Department of Traditional Medicine Division of Beijing Chinese Medicine University; President of Piles and Fistula Hospital in Xi’an, China (Headquarter of NAHC); Chief Physician of China Oriental Hospital; and Appointed Receiving Expert for German Tourist Group of National Ministry of Sanitary.

Dr. Chen Guoyi also organized the Anorectal Medical Workers Training Base, mandated for scientific research in establishing pharmaceutical enterprises, as well as forming a medical network or support link for Piles- and Fistula-related diseases. In recent years, Dr. Chen has been invited to give lectures in Hongkong, Singapore, Spain, Canada and United States of America on the topic of promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine worldwide.

The Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Guobiao Medical Center, the Medical School of University Columbia of America, the Medical School of Chinese University (Hongkong), and the Zhengwen Chinese Medical Hospital of Korea have all introduced his techniques in piles and fistula treatment; and all successfully established branch hospitals for the treatment of piles and fistula in cooperation with Dr. Chen.

China's national ministry of health start to praised

China's national ministry of health start to praised

Dr. Chen in Hong Kong

Dr.Chen in medical pharmacology centre in Bei Jing

Dr.Chen in medical pharmacology centre in Bei Jing