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As the first one to offer gastroenterology treatments in Vancouver we modernize, standardize traditional Chinese therapy theories, combining all natural paths to bring the Chinese herbal therapy to a whole new state of art level. Our medication includes the best-selling BAZHISAN series developed by Dr.Chen Guoyi, the highly respected G.I. specialist in China. BAZHISAN is specially formulated using Dr. Chen’s secret receipt to conquer bloody stool, pain and itch and it’s proven to be highly effective with over 4 million patients cured without painful operations and side effects.

In order to combat increasingly intestine cancer cases, NAHC has developed Chinese Acupuncture and Natural path therapies to treat gastroenterology diseases with maintenance items to keep your digestion system at its best operating condition. Our professional team is dedicated to provide best customer orientated service backed by our decades of dignity and expertise, broad clinical experience, safe and painless treatments, to bring laughter back to thousands of families.